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Genioplasty or chin augmentation surgery may be performed as a reconstructive procedure to repair a facial injury or congenital deformity, or as a purely cosmetic procedure.  The result of chin genioplasty is a more defined break between the face and the neck, and a more natural and pleasing appearance.

For men and women with weak jaw lines or receding chins, chin implants can provide a better appearance in both full face and profile views.  The implants balances jaw line's appearance with other facial features.  This procedure is popular with men, as well as women, who want to approve their general appearance.  The procedure may be performed singly, or in conjunction with other facial procedures.

Risks and Complications

Any surgical procedure involves risks.  The most common risks are adverse reaction to anesthetic and infection.  In genioplasty, complications are rare, but should be considered and weighed against the benefits of the surgery.

If an infection develops following surgery, antibiotics can be used to treat it.  Before undergoing any surgery, you should make your doctor aware of any adverse reactions you have had to anesthetics or antibiotics.  This will minimize your risk.

As with any implant surgery, the implants can shift out of place requiring more surgery to adjust their position. Since implants are made of different materials, your surgeon will have to discuss any risks associated with specific implants.

Following surgery, you will experience some degree of swelling and bruising.  As with any surgical procedure, you may experience moderate to severe pain.  Ice packs and oral analgesics are usually effective in controlling these symptoms.

Paying For Surgery

If your surgery is being performed to correct a traumatic injury or congenital defect, it may be covered by medical insurance.  If the surgery is purely cosmetic, most medical insurance plans will not cover it.

In addition to your surgeons fee, you will have to pay for the implants, for anesthesia and for the expense of the hospital or surgical facility where the surgery is performed.  Additional costs include any diagnostic tests and the cost of post surgical prescriptions.

If you are comparing the fees of different surgeons, also take into account the expense of the facility where they perform their surgery and other related costs.

The Surgical Experience

As with many cosmetic surgeries, genioplasty is most often performed as an outpatient procedure.  It may be performed at a hospital, a surgery center, or in a surgical suite at your doctor's office.

Genioplasty may be done with a local or general anesthetic.  You and your surgeon will make a decision on which anesthesia is the best for you.

The actual surgery usually takes about sixty minutes but can take longer if your doctor is performing additional procedures.

The surgeon will make an incision either inside your lower lip, or under your chin.  Working through the incision, the surgeon will create a pocket in your jaw, in front of the bone, to receive the implant.  The implant, which will already have been selected to meet your requirements, will be placed in the pocket.  The incision will then be closed.

Following surgery, tape is applied to the chin to control swelling and provide support for the implant.  Incisions made under the  chin, you may have to return to your surgeon in about ten days to have them removed.  For incisions made in the mouth, most surgeons use dissolving sutures, which will remain in place for about ten days, before dissolving.  You will still require a post surgical visit to your doctor, so he can examine the area for infection or other problems.

You will not be able to drive after your surgery, so you will need to arrange for transportation.  You will be monitored briefly for complications and then sent home with post surgical instructions.  You will experience pain and may need to arrange for some home assistance for a few days.






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