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Nasal surgery may be done to improve the aesthetics of the nose, or the improve the function.  The two types of nasal surgery are septoplasty and rhinoplasty.  Septoplasty is surgery performed inside the nose to improve breathing.  Rhinoplasty is performed, is most cases, for cosmetic improvement.  Both procedures can be done by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  Septoplasty  may also be done by an ear, nose and throat surgeon.  You should always make sure that you surgeon is board certified in his field.

Rhinoplasty can be used to alter the size and shape of your nose.  It can be used to eliminate bumps and other defects.  If your nose is crooked, rhinoplasty can straighten it.  You can even alter the aesthetic appearance of your nostrils.  Rhinoplasty allows the surgeon to sculpt the nose to the desired shape and size. You should discuss your expectations with your cosmetic surgeon before undergoing surgery

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can improve both the breathing function and the size and shape  of your nose.  Patients may opt to have rhinoplasty or septoplasty simply to improve nasal breathing function.  Some patients have the surgery simply to improve their appearance.  Rhinoplasty may be needed to correct deformities cause by an injury to the nose.  The surgery is most frequently performed for cosmetic reasons but it can have an impact on breathing function and can even eliminate snoring.

The nose is composed mostly of soft tissue.  The nasal bone is short and is present only near the bridge of the nose. The rest of the nasal structure is composed of cartiledge and skin.  This makes it possible to create alterations to the shape and structure of your nose.

If you simply want to improve breathing function, you may opt for septoplasty.  Septoplasty can correct blocked or defective nasal passages and improve nasal breathing. It can also remove polyps and other nasal obstructions.


As with any cosmetic surgery, as a patient, you should have realistic expectations.  You and your surgeon should discuss the alterations you would like and whether those alterations are practical.  If you chose to make your nose smaller, it may have an effect on breathing function.  Every case has to be considered individually, and your cosmetic surgeon can offer the best advice.

Before undergoing surgery to improve your nasal function, you should have a full examination to determine why you have reduced nasal function.  Surgery can improve function by correcting a deviated septum removing nasal polyps and correcting structural defects.  Surgery will not help problems caused by allergies or mucosal swelling.  Nasal surgery can improve sinus drainage.

Benefits of Septoplasty

The septum is the cartiledge that divides the nasal passages.  If the cartiledge is crooked, it can interfere with nasal function.  This can lead to breathing problems and problems with sinus drainage.  Septoplasty is surgery which corrects deviations in the septum to improve your nasal function.

Financial Information

The surgeons fees for Rhinoplasty vary depending on the geographical area and the experience of your surgeon.  The average cost is about four thousand dollars.  The cast may be higher if you live in an urban area.

In addition to the surgeons fee, you will have to pay the cost of a surgical facility, anesthesia and any prescription medication your doctor may prescribe.   If you are planning to have reconstructive and cosmetic surgery performed at the same time, surgical fees may be higher.
Medical insurance generally covers septoplasty and rhinoplasty performed to improve your nasal function.  Medical insurance doesn't usually cover purely cosmetic procedures.  Talk to your doctor and your medical insurer to determine if you surgery will be covered.






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