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Face Lifts Using Endoscopic Surgical Techniques

Face lifts with traditional surgical techniques can represent a significant investment of time and money.  Endoscopic techniques use smaller incisions and can reduce the financial cost and the recovery period required by  HYPERLINK ""traditional face lift surgery.  Endoscopic surgery can still be highly effective in reducing the lines, wrinkles and creases that are signs of aging. Not every patient is a good candidate for endoscopic face lift procedures.

Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic surgery creates smaller, less noticeable scars than conventional techniques.  The surgery is more targeted than standard face lifts, while still producing significant improvements in appearance.   HYPERLINK ""Endoscopic surgery is usually more appropriate for people under fifty years of age, but only a cosmetic surgeon can decide if it is right for a particular individual.  Instead of one long incision, endoscopic techniques use several small incisions of about one half to one inch in length.  The incisions are usually made under the hairline to minimize any scarring.  Endoscopic face lifts are sometimes referred to as scarless face lifts.

After making the incisions, the surgeon inserts the endoscope, which is a thin wand  shaped instrument with a camera at the end.  The camera relays video pictures to a monitor, allowing the surgeon to see under the skin.  Tiny instruments are used to remove fatty deposits under the skin and tighten facial muscles which have started to sag with age.  This targeted approach eliminates many of the signs of aging while being minimally invasive.  With endoscopic surgery, recovery periods are shorter.

Appropriate Candidates For Endoscopic Techniques

Candidates for endoscopic surgery are those with moderate signs of aging.  Those with more extreme signs of aging may require a conventional face lift, as the amount of excess skin that can be removed with endoscopic techniques is limited.  Skin which has lost much of its elasticity is not appropriate for this surgery.  The expected benefits of the surgery should be discussed in advance with the surgeon. 
The surgeon will decide at the time of consultation if the patient is a candidate for endoscopic face lift surgery.  Only a  HYPERLINK ""cosmetic face surgeon can decide if this surgery will provide the desired results for a patient.

Advantages of Endoscopic Techniques

One advantage of endoscopic face lifts is that these techniques allow the surgeon to reach areas in the middel of the face which are difficult to access during traditional face lift surgery.  Creases between the nose and the mouth are easier to correct using this type of procedure.  The camera and very small instruments make it easier to access the area around the mouth and tighten loose facial muscles.  Surgeons can also reach the frown lines the form between the eyes. For appropriate candidates, this surgery can provide dramatic results with minimal recovery time following surgery.

Traditional surgical procedures require more time in surgery than endoscopic techniques.  Minimally invasive surgery takes much less time and involves less risk for complications and a less lengthy recovery period.

Following Surgery

As with any surgery, there will be some swelling and bruising after the procedure.  There may be some bleeding.  Because endoscopic surgery involves fewer sutures than traditional surgery and smaller incisions, these expected post surgical effects will be much less than with a traditional face lift.  The risk of infection is lower with endoscopic surgery.  While traditional face lifts require a minimum recovery period of two weeks, recovery following endoscopic surgery may be half that, depending on the patient.  Complications following this surgery are very rare.

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