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Anti-aging surgery was once considered the exclusive purview of women.  Shifting societal attitudes have caused men to consider anti-aging surgery in greater numbers than ever before. Facial surgery for men is approached differently than female face lift surgery and is still performed less often.

Men Seeking Face Lift Surgery

As with any purely elective surgery, men seeking face lift procedures should be in good physical health.  The procedure is designed to reduce signs of aging and can improve sagging  cheeks and jowls and drooping skin on the neck.  It is desirable to seek a cosmetic surgeon with experience in men's face lift surgery.  Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for the results of the procedure.

A Different Approach

The structure of the face is different in men and women.  The surgeon must take these structural differences into account when performing face lift surgery on men.  While the results for male and female face lifts are similar, the difference in facial structure requires some alteration of the surgical technique.  As with female face lift surgery, the goal is to remove fatty deposits and tighten sagging muscles and skin to give a more youthful appearance.

The primary difference between male and female face lift procedures involves the location of the incisions.  Men who wear their hair short, or who have thinning hair, cannot hide the scars in the same way that most women can.  The surgeon will take these factors into account when determining where to make the incisions.  In men's face lift surgery, the incisions are often made in the ear crease, around the ear lobe or under the lower hair line at both sides of the head.

Benefits of Anti-Aging Surgery

Men generally experience the same benefits from anti-aging surgery as women do.
A more youthful appearance can boost a man's confidence and self esteem.  In some careers, like acting, a youthful appearance is beneficial to the man's career. As with any facial surgery, there is a risk of scarring at the incision site and a minimal risk of nerve damage or partial paralysis.  In men, there is an increased risk of blood clotting following surgery.

Choosing A Surgeon

All board certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons are qualified to perform male anti-aging surgery.  It is best to choose a surgeon who has experience in this procedure.  Optimal results can best be delivered by surgeons who have performed this procedure repeatedly.  Ask your surgeon how many male face lift surgeries he has done.  Most cosmetic surgeons who specialize in male anti-aging surgery have more female patients than male patients because women are several times more likely to have anti-aging surgery than men.







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